Dienstag, April 24, 2007

Campfire Analytics: The Danish Kitchen Situation

Denmark is much-lauded due to its relatively high birth rate of around 1.9 children per woman. Roughly 90 per cent of the adult female Danes are mothers. That is approximately the rate that is needed to reproduce the noneternal population of a country.

However, the question is: Aren't there any other values than the self preservation of a nation? Even tough this nation is the successor of the proud and prolific vikings? A company of well reputed inhabitants of the Korallen residence in Trekroner (Roskilde) has converged after a short dated arrangement to sit in front of a campfire.

The main result of the subsequent campfire analytics: The progressive civilization of Denmark rests upon the above-average production and installation of kirchens. One typical example is the mentioned Korallen residence which is furnished with twelve common kitchens for merely three floors. There are individual cases in which two inhabitants share one generously equipped cooking paradise. In addition to that every dweller has his own individual kitchen. Since each inhabitant of the residence is a registered student of the neighbouring University of Roskilde, he or she is authorized to use the kitchen of his or her faculty. Some students are registered in more than in one faculty - from what follows that it is not improbable that they dispose of at least four kitchens. Honestly, individuals possess even more than that since they have the option to use alternately each of the twelve Korallen kitchens. That means they dispose of 15 kitchens.

The kitchen prosperity is, though publicly unregarded, a mainstay of the Danish welfare state. Pairs of lovers who decide to bring offspring into the world calculate stricly and with the utmost care for a miniature kitchen is the most crucial part of the basic load of a newborn baby. Danish celebrities boast about the number of kitchens in their mansions, some of them abandon having a bed-chamber and lounges to increase the space for additional kitchens. Celebreties with huge gardens try to catch up with their famous colleagues by installing field kitchens in the open. Queen Margrethe II. has as a matter of course the maximum amount of kitchens. The official countings have never been published. Rumor has it that she owes a number that lies far beyond the official birth rate of the woman in her kingdom.

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