Dienstag, April 10, 2007

The Influence of the US Maize Production on the Danish Mentality

One of these days dad returns from his work. Some of his bodyparts are missing.
Son: Where are your arms?
Father: Just a small accident in the sawmill.
Son: Have you bought a toy for me?
This occurrence happened in a similar way a few years ago in Germany. In the radio. And it was quite fictional.
Some people would say that there is bizarre humor included in this mini-story, especially with regard on its framework: Timmi (the son) gets a small Japanese called Schlitzi as a pet. Together they endure thousands of adventures in a small village in the south of the US while Timmi's father damages his body more and more by occupational accidents and his mother prepares corn cake, corn pizza and corn juice for every family meal. I wonder how the father would look like today.
Anyway, there are tiny hints that Danes have a not very different and abnormal sense of humor (1|2|3).
Somehow this mentality of callousness and egocentrism appears permanently in everyday life in Denmark - for example in my Danish course exercise book. Lection 11, page 56 (first in Danish):
A: Jeg har det ikke særlig godt! Jeg er syg.
B: Hvad er der i vejen?
A: Jeg er træt/ Jeg har ondt i hovedet/...
B: Det var ikke så godt!
A: Det synes jeg heller ikke!

This paragraph deals with characteristic experiences of ERASMUS students: parties, alcohol and the lack of sleep. Let's see the paragraph in English (freely translated).
A: I don't feel very well. I am ill.
B: What's up?
A: I am tired/ I have a headache/...
A: That's not so good!
B: That's what I mean.

Admittedly, theses utterances aren't quite exciting. Nonetheless, we possibly can detect therein an idea of the typical Danish behaviour. If I would be a guy that generalizes things, I maybe would say that - in cases where other people would say nothing - Danes comment on every apparent thing they see:
- You are sick? That's not so good!
- An elephant has broken your nose? I see.
- You are back from future? By bike?
- You have found maize kernels in your ears? Could you bake a cake with it?
- A magician from a foreign country somewhere in the north has put your parents in the washing machine? I understand. Which washing powder has he used?
- Where have your legs gone? Can I have your shoes?

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