Mittwoch, April 11, 2007

Intimate Questions

The Kaan has passed me an Easter baton which is also known as "Intimate Questions" baton - so here you are:
1. Do you know how to measure the size of a bra?
For what is it worth? Usually I don't wear bras, moreover, I have the problem that I even don't know how to measure my own clothing sizes. But in deed - I am familiar with the priciple of the bra number/letter combinations: 75 B, 90 C, machine washable at 30°C. Further questions?
2. Which is your favorite type of ice cream?
The Fürst Pückler composition (see picture), chocolate, vanilla and strawberry ice - slightly unfreezed and absolutely mixed.
3. Which three things do you always take with you when you are on the way?
Notepad, valuable articles, licorice.
4. Are you right or left handed?
I am very talented with my right hand, my left leads a dog's life.
5. Stretch out your left arm as far as possible. What do you hold in your hand?
A 3M Post-it note saying "Für Jörg, viele Grüße Michael - Easter brunch - Disko - Holbæk - Kirche Sonntag - Name: Jörg."
6. Do you talk to flowers?
Nobody has ever introduced us. I don't talk to strangers.
7. Do you know the real names of your email friends?
Email friends?!
8. Did you ever have a pink-colored piece of clothing?
I really love my light pink-colored men's shirt in the business studies students style.
9. When was the last time you really laughed out loud?
A few hours ago when Simy told the joke of the Russian, US American and the Bosnian. Two of the guys failed in a tripartite contest and one had close body contact to a bear.
10. Early bird or nighthawk?
Nighthawk (usually no sleep before 2am).
11. Are you able to unclasp a bra one-handed?
Yes. For whatever it's worth.
12. Loft, mansion, farmhouse or just an apartment?
In that sequence?
13. How do you drink your coffee?
Instant powder combined with hot water and a mug. Weekly.
14. Do you know how old your parents are?
No, not immediately. For I just know their birth dates, I have to calculate. My mother is born in 1959 so she is 48, my father is born 1954, birthday in december - he is getting 53.
15. Look to your right. What do you see?
My bedside locker. On it some blanc DVDs, WD-40, my flash, an apple, the bedside lamp, a klip card for busses and trains, a notepad, gaffer tape, a calling card of my supervisor at the University of Roskilde, a Danish dictionary, deodorant, a glass with pepper.
16. Do you chew on lead pencils or on biros?
When I was a small child I chewed my finger nails. Then my mother tried out some special nail lacquer against nail chewing on me and then I stopped thumb sucking because the substance was actually against thumb sucking and not against nail chewing as far as I remember. Yes, until some years ago I liked the taste of wooden writing materials.
17. If there is the inscription "pull" on a door - do you push in spite of that?
Usually not because Jan Spekker explained me in the year 1999 that you have to be aware of where the door hinges are. When they are on your side then you have to pull. Hence, I don't pay attention to any inscription and misdo it still.
18. Do you smell at other people?
Mostly their smell approaches me.
19. Do you play any musical instrument?
Flute. I started 19 years ago. I capitulated 20 years ago.
20. What would you say to God when you reach the pearly gates?
I would speak German and say: Duzen oder siezen?

I pass the baton to the eager volunteers in this group: Vicky, Ole, Matthias, Dennis, Enno, and as a late present to Anna, furthermore to the quite lonely deer.